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Riley Brook River Run

Well Let me start off by saying, We are finally enjoying the idea of exploring this beautiful province of New Brunswick. As we continue to find these hidden gems, We will post them here on our blog. We have already made many friends in this province and one place we quickly discovered, is only about an 1hr away from our teardrop rental shop. I found this facebook page:

This canoe trip is a full day. We went along with about 25 people, and it was an awesome experience. We stopped on an island and had a shore lunch. The river runs one way, and all you need to do is steer the canoe. It has a few shallow spots, but no big deal. You can either bring your own canoe or you can rent from the local general store. The Riley Brook general store number is: (506) 356-2548 They also offer shuttle services. So, you pay $15, they take you up the river, drop off your canoe, and you canoe back to your vehicle. beautiful scenery. Canoe rentals are cheap too. I won't say what it costs to rent, because I don't remember. We brought our own. If you like to go along a nice, winding, peacefully scenic river in a canoe, then Riley Brook River Run is a must... Oh yes, And it could also be used as a lazy tubing river. Next time we go, We're going down the river in our inflatable tubes...

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