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Four Falls

These waterfalls are only 26 minutes away from our teardrop rentals. Park your vehicle on the side of the road, and follow the ATV trail. Less then a 5 min walk into the trail, and you see this beautiful waterfall.

You can see more pictures and a video here on our Instagram page: Four Falls trailhead is located on the east side of the Saint John River. I have not swam here yet, but according to Hiking NB " The deep pools below the falls are a great place to swim. When you get near the main falls the currents seem to push you in all different directions so use caution.

Don't swim near the falls in the times of the year with strong water flow. "

Or, You can just pack a lunch, watch and listen to the awe inspiring sound of Four Falls. If you go online, you will notice there is not much information about this waterfall. I think the locals are trying to keep it hidden from the outside world, and I can't blame them.

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