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Covered Bridge Potato Chips

To make our blog a little more interactive, we also included a page on our forum. This way the general public can discuss what we have posted on our blog. For example, this is the link on our forum to Covered Bridge Potato Chips. If you have been to this tourist spot, let us know your experiences and let us know anything we may have missed.

Well to start, I must say. I love potato chips, but these chips are probably the best I've ever eaten. I've tried the Sea salt and vinegar, all dressed and the sour cream and onion. All very good. There is a real unique taste to these chips. The only thing I can figure is, it's because they use cane sugar in the ingredients. Now, I know what your thinking. Sugar in chips ? yuck... Well don't judge it, until you try them. They don't taste sweet at all, but they have a very unique taste.

A taste that is very different from any other chip I've tried. And of course these potatoes come from New Brunswick. The flavor of the chip comes out very strong, and is extremely addictive. They have a small self guided tour, well worth the trip. At the end of the tour, they bring you some chip samples right off of the conveyor belt.

Do you wonder why they call it "Covered Bridge" ? I'll give you a hint. It involves a bridge...

If you want to check this family run potato chip maker while your touring New Brunswick, then check out their official website first.

They can explain it the best way, why they are called "Cover Bridge Potato chips. I'm just here for the chips...

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