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Our Story

A crazy idea that turned our backyard into a thriving business 

About Us


I wanted to go home, she wanted to go to Elora Gorge.

Hey there. My Name is Steve and My wife's name is Mandy. I always wanted to start a teardrop trailer rental business. Unfortunately I didn't have the funding to start one. So, to make a long story short, I had to sell them instead. Fast forward 8 years later, and we are finally able to start renting again.

Back to the beginning of my story. The picture you see of the 2 frogs on the back of that trailer, was the first teardrop that I built in my back yard. I started renting it to couples on weekends. And when I didn't rent it out, Mandy and I would go camping with it instead.

We were just coming back from a camping trip one weekend, and Mandy wanted to stop at Elora Gorge for a swim in the big Quarry ( a must see ). I, on the other hand wanted to go straight home. Well Mandy won and we went. And sure enough, wouldn't you know it. A young lady saw our little trailer and called our number on the back, and asked if she could buy one.

Sure, I said. I was building a 2nd one already in my back yard. Well she bought it. A couple months later, I got laid off from work and had to sell my 1st trailer to pay the rent. The rest is history. We kept building and people kept buying. Today, we have built and sold over 500 teardrop trailers across North America.

Now it's time to realize my dream and finally start renting out our teardrop trailers again...Only they look a lot better then they did 8 years ago. We had practise building.


Our Company Headquarters

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