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New Brunswick Road Trips

Well, here we are. We have Finally moved out of the busy, non stop, fast paced, lifestyle in Ontario and traded it for the beautiful, peaceful, scenic province of New Brunswick. We are about to begin our new teardrop trailer rental business, right here in this majestic province, Only 15 minutes outside of Grand Falls. We look forward to finally taking advantage of all the hidden gems along the way, while exploring with

our own personal teardrop trailer. We not only want to rent out our teardrop trailers, But, we also want to enjoy the Many exciting experiences that we know the Atlantic provinces have to offer.

First, We plan on our Journey starting in our own back yard. But, not only do we plan on exploring, we also plan on documenting everything through our "Blog", A.K.A

"Road Trips".

We are also creating a forum, so that other people can contribute, and let other newcomers know what adventures await them. From local campsites with approx distances from our shop, to local day trips

and even restaurants . We plan on visiting many of these locations and as we blog about them will encourage our readers to contribute in our forum .

Our purpose is to give New Brunswick and all the other Atlantic provinces a place where travellers can come and share the highlights of their trips with others. And being a forum, there is also the opportunity to notify others about new places or changes to prime destinations. Well enough said. Let's start the adventure.... Your Journey Starts Here !

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