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Mount Carleton - 42,000 acres

This provincial park is an amazing destination for any camper. Lots of space, and an unbelievable wood lodge for those rainy days. Plenty of space within the park from all the other fellow campers. ( That's a must for me )

We could not believe a park like this is only a little over an hour from our home. Hiking trails, waterfalls, fishing and a stunning scenic lake view. We have only been here once, but plan to visit this park many times in the future.

According to the Mount Carleton Provincial Park Website there are At least 100 different types of birds and 30 species of mammals within this park. Here's an independent video of the park, that includes a small crew taking the hike to the top of Mount Carleton.

On a clear day, from the top of the Maritimes' highest mountain, you can see 10 million trees. That's right, Mount Carleton is the Highest point in all the Maritimes. So if you want to be at the highest elevation in the east coast, You have to visit Mount Carleton. I must admit, this trip we did not climb it, but plan on doing it in the near future.

We did however see Williams Falls. This is also inside the park. Here's a tip. If you want to see the falls with nobody around, then pack your sleeping bag and go camping Thursday night and check out the falls Friday morning. There is absolutely no one there, and you can get some great shots.

Click here and listen to the sound of the rushing water at Williams Falls

Click here to view a quick inside tour of the Lodge at Mt. Carleton

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